Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More personal attacks from the Craven Desires site

Well the personal attacks continue over there. I had just decided to stay away from there and then today someone told me that now I support pedophiles and I will be ending up in court soon. I don't know why they insist on attacking me personally as I have not to any of them. Just trying to debate the subject, after all I thought that was what blogs were about. I never intended on writing a blog as I really am NOT a writer as is displayed in my typos and poor punctuation, but sometimes I feel compelled to weigh in on certain topics that I think need to be said. Am I the authority on "pit bulls" hell no, never claimed to be I am simply a guy who has a deep love for the breed and an desire to somehow make a difference. Somehow that makes me a target and a bad guy in the eyes of these "people". I am not really bothered by the comments they make but it does affect my family and that I simply won't tolerate. You mess with my family and yes that includes my dogs you leave me no alternative than to do the same thing my dogs would do and that is defend them. So when I call you out anonymous commenters because i find out your true identity it's not to insinuate I will get physical with you I just think if you aren't man enough to say something to another mans face when commenting about his family, then you really should just keep your mouth shut. I will not be returning to that site and I am enclosing my final comment to them, because I don't hide....

Please elaborate on when I supprted a pedophile as my attorney would love to read them. The comment about court will perhaps be sooner than you think. Once again I'm not the one hiding behind the anonymity of a screen name. Nor do I engage in personal attacks when debating an issue, I'm done bringing traffic to your site. Once again I am trying to make a difference so if that in some way is a bad thing then carry on with your little sewing circle. I did find it curious your fascination with psychopath's Craven. Actually kinda put things in perspective for me as to what type of "person" I was dealing with. I have to stop coming here though because each time I do I feel like I am arguing with children and its a huge waste of otherwise productive time.

Good luck to all I wish no one ill will, so carry on with the slandering.

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  1. I was flattered by the comment that I was poised to become the next Animal Planet though I will admit lmao. But followed up by personal attacks on 2 more people trying to improve the image and make a difference Shorty Rossi and Tia Torres. Don't anyone waste their valuable time going to that "blahhhg" were just giving them traffic and attention. I feel like I get a little dumber each time I read stuff over there anyway.

    Funny how "pit nutters" are so much friendlier and supportive of the cause and most definitely not afraid to say who they are.

  2. My name is Amanda and that witch blogger decides to slander me and my name... he/she read a bullshit article and thought he/she knew the situation and everything about my life... I wish I knew who it was.