Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Man assaults police by throwing pit bull at them. Dog does not bite the officers.

August 20, 2009: St. Petersburg, Florida — An assailant who attacked police officers used a dog, police said, throwing a pit bull at officers not once, but twice.
The dog did not attack the officers either time he was thrown at them.
“That’s a new one,” St. Petersburg police spokesman Bill Proffitt said of the incident involving the dog.
The assault took place at 4114 Fairfield Ave. S. A woman recovering from surgery told police her troubled son refused to leave their home.
The son, Renaldo L. Gary, wouldn’t budge from the doorway, police said. Then he struck Officer Michael Romano, ran outside and grabbed a family pet.
Gary threw the dog at Officer Romano, police said, yanked on the dog’s chain, pulled the animal back to him and then thew it at the officer again.
In stark contrast to the dog, Gary hit Officer Norma Alanis, police said, and shook off two Taser blasts and a dose of pepper gas before the two officers handcuffed him.

Wow what a moron, throwing his dog at police! have to try and post this one over at Craven lol, if they approve it. I know they don't always approve my comments I submit.

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