Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More personal attacks from the Craven Desires site

Well the personal attacks continue over there. I had just decided to stay away from there and then today someone told me that now I support pedophiles and I will be ending up in court soon. I don't know why they insist on attacking me personally as I have not to any of them. Just trying to debate the subject, after all I thought that was what blogs were about. I never intended on writing a blog as I really am NOT a writer as is displayed in my typos and poor punctuation, but sometimes I feel compelled to weigh in on certain topics that I think need to be said. Am I the authority on "pit bulls" hell no, never claimed to be I am simply a guy who has a deep love for the breed and an desire to somehow make a difference. Somehow that makes me a target and a bad guy in the eyes of these "people". I am not really bothered by the comments they make but it does affect my family and that I simply won't tolerate. You mess with my family and yes that includes my dogs you leave me no alternative than to do the same thing my dogs would do and that is defend them. So when I call you out anonymous commenters because i find out your true identity it's not to insinuate I will get physical with you I just think if you aren't man enough to say something to another mans face when commenting about his family, then you really should just keep your mouth shut. I will not be returning to that site and I am enclosing my final comment to them, because I don't hide....

Please elaborate on when I supprted a pedophile as my attorney would love to read them. The comment about court will perhaps be sooner than you think. Once again I'm not the one hiding behind the anonymity of a screen name. Nor do I engage in personal attacks when debating an issue, I'm done bringing traffic to your site. Once again I am trying to make a difference so if that in some way is a bad thing then carry on with your little sewing circle. I did find it curious your fascination with psychopath's Craven. Actually kinda put things in perspective for me as to what type of "person" I was dealing with. I have to stop coming here though because each time I do I feel like I am arguing with children and its a huge waste of otherwise productive time.

Good luck to all I wish no one ill will, so carry on with the slandering.

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Tomorrow we will be heading out making the trek to Atlanta for Bullypalooza. Bruce got here yesterday morning and we enjoyed the nice weather and hung out with the dogs all day. He had to leave Stroker and Sissy behind for this adventure but had someone to help him feel at home sleeping with him on the couch, with my" loan a dog to visitors who sleep here" program lol. We plan on heading out about 10 am central time tomorrow morning which should put us at Marty's house somewhere around 1 am. Really looking forward to the trip and meeting a lot of people in person who are members of the site.

Friday night will be the Bowling for Bullies event organized by none other than the man, the myth, the legend Bully the Kid. This is the first ever bowling event organized EVER for bully and APBT lovers alike. For every strike a bag of dog food will be donated to a local rescue group and a portion og the proceeds will be donated to the young girls family who was recently attacked in Georgia. BTK has been working overtime on this one so big ups to my buddy BTK, can't wait to show them how us midwesterners like to bowl lol.

Follow that with Bullypalooza Saturday in Atlanta then back to Marty's house to film our show live from his living room. According to Craven they have dubbed this "The first annual Pit Bull Positive Babykillers get together/fundraiser lol. Those wacky kooks over there at that blog sure do have a grim outlook on things lol. On the show we will be discussing how the media should be held more accountable for there reported stories regarding APBT attacks. We are also hoping maybe someone from over there may call in and discuss there opinions on the breed but we won't hold our breath on that one.

Sunday we plan on attending an ADBA show near Atlanta, which I have never been to one of those either. So we should be able to take in alot this upcoming weekend. I will be hopefully doing some interviews and will be showing everyone what transpired over the weekend on next weeks show.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Man assaults police by throwing pit bull at them. Dog does not bite the officers.

August 20, 2009: St. Petersburg, Florida — An assailant who attacked police officers used a dog, police said, throwing a pit bull at officers not once, but twice.
The dog did not attack the officers either time he was thrown at them.
“That’s a new one,” St. Petersburg police spokesman Bill Proffitt said of the incident involving the dog.
The assault took place at 4114 Fairfield Ave. S. A woman recovering from surgery told police her troubled son refused to leave their home.
The son, Renaldo L. Gary, wouldn’t budge from the doorway, police said. Then he struck Officer Michael Romano, ran outside and grabbed a family pet.
Gary threw the dog at Officer Romano, police said, yanked on the dog’s chain, pulled the animal back to him and then thew it at the officer again.
In stark contrast to the dog, Gary hit Officer Norma Alanis, police said, and shook off two Taser blasts and a dose of pepper gas before the two officers handcuffed him.

Wow what a moron, throwing his dog at police! have to try and post this one over at Craven lol, if they approve it. I know they don't always approve my comments I submit.

Monday, March 22, 2010

7-year-old recovering from dog attack

Story of a 7 year girl attacked by a Bull Mastiff, the attack was unprovoked and witnessed by her father. link to story enclosed.

Pet Owners Disagree What Happens After Dog Attack Girl Scout, Dog Attacked By Other Dog In Bloomington

Story has video

Mar 19, 2010 5:58 pm US/Central

(WCCO) Gambone-Stende is upset that her neighbor's dog is still alive after it went after her Border collie. The attack happened on the 9500 block of Park Avenue in Bloomington, Minn.

Madi Stende was out delivering Girl Scout cookies with her older brother Connor and, her sister Taylor. They were with their dog Bella.

What happened next was pretty scary. Bill Currin's German shepherd got out and ran toward them.

Bella, the Border collie, was injured in the attack and 12-year-old Taylor was bit on the hand.

WCCO-TV talked to both pet owners about what happened and what should happen to the German shepherd.

Bill Currin, owner of dog that attacked: This is Ava. She's a five-year-old German shepherd. We rescued her, um; she's been a great job up until that one moment.

Dena Gambone-Stende, upset her dog and daughter were injured: It was a completely unprovoked attack. My dog was all the way on the other side of the street.

Currin: But the kids were over there, and maybe she got defensive for my daughters. I've got twin 12-year-old girls. With the other dog over there, she got a little possessive.

Gambone-Stende: The owner says someone forgot to latch the door, and that's all it took, and the dog just got out, ran all the way across the street, straight for my dog.

Currin: The girl tried to prevent the dogs from fighting, and she got hurt in the process. It's -- it's a horrible tragedy, but it happened.

Gambone-Stende: It was just really scary. And when the vet came in and told me that the dog had to have surgery, I couldn't believe it.

Currin: It sickens me actually to know what happened and to know that we're partially to blame for it.

Gambone-Stende: The gentleman has said that he's going to pay, but I don't think he realizes the extent of the damage done … it was $649 … the second one was for $129.88.

Currin: The city has quarantined Ava for 10 days, required her to get micro-chipped, and we're gonna do that, we're gonna do everything we have to. It was an accident.

Gambone-Stende: I think it's a dangerous dog. … I don't understand how you can keep a dog like that's that dangerous. I don't understand that.

Currin: I looked at the bites … the little girl, I don't know which dog did it, and it's hard to say. …If I knew for a fact, Ava would be put down. I don't know.

Gambone-Stende: There's no question in my mind if Bella were a smaller dog, she'd be dead. What does this dog have to do before they deem it a dangerous dog?

Currin: I believe the child's name is Taylor, and I'd like to buy her a bike or an iPod, just because … it's a scary thing, there's no question about it. And I regret that she had to go through that.

Ava, the German shepherd, is now considered a "potentially dangerous" dog. According to state law, to be called "dangerous," a dog has to inflict substantial bodily harm to a person, without provocation, or kill a pet off the owner's property, without provocation.

If a "potentially dangerous" dog aggressively bites, attacks or endangers people or animals, its classification will change to "dangerous dog."

Paula Engelking, Producer

Family pet injures Laurel County toddler

Posted: 11:58 PM Mar 21, 2010
A daily trip to visit a family pet, turns dangerous when the dog bites and injures a toddler.
The young girl's grandmother had to fight the animal off during the incident on Terrell's Creek Road, in Laurel County.
Madison McQueen is listed in fair condition at UK Hospital as of Sunday night.
The child is making progress after her grandparents and a neighbor rescued her from the family's 2-year-old Great Dane.
Family members say taking one-and-a-half-year-old Madison McQueen to pet their three dogs was something they did each day.
Next-door-neighbor James McFadden says the family's Great Dane, Wolfie is a "good dog."
Family members say they're not sure what made Wolfie bite Madison, but when her grandmother Abby Gillam tried to stop the dog, Wolfie attacked Abby.
"I heard her hollering over at the barn. She's hollering, help, help," said McFadden.
McFadden says the child's grandfather was the first to reach them.
"He ran over there and got the dog off of him and when I got over there, her and the baby was at the end of the barn, and I got the baby and brought it back to the house," said McFadden.
McFadden called 911 and waited with Madison.
Doctors treated Abby at a nearby hospital and released her that day.
As for Madison, paramedics took her to UK Hospital with injuries to her face, legs, and groin.
Madison's mother Jennifer McQueen says she expects her daughter to be released Monday and to make a full recovery.

I will be posting any stories regarding attacks by other breeds as well as my own personal comments. I sincerely wish there were no bites to report but unfortunately there is,

Craven Desires and its hate filled propaganda machine.

Recently a friend made me aware of a site called Craven Desires. A site that is anti "pit bull" and loves to capitalize on any negative articles regarding "pit bulls". I went there and read some of there handy work and was not in the least bit impressed. I found it upsetting to read in some of their blog posts how they wish harm on people so that others can see how terrible and vicious this particular breed is. I felt compelled to comment and then noticed that all comments had to be reviewed by the author of this blo. I din't anticipate that they would even post my comments,but they did. In my comments I always try to remain professional and not attack anyone personally. Well I wish I could say the same for the commenters there but unfortunately that was not the case.

I also invited them to join me during an episode of The Pit Bull Positive show on Saturday and engage in a little debate. I was fairly certain that they would not take me up on this as then they would be exposed for their cowardly actions. One commenter November17 was quite adamant about me forgetting to leave any information for the show so he could tune in so I left all information along with detailed instructions in case he had problems navigating the internet. After he informed me I had neglected to leave the info for the show. I also left my real name as I don't feel the need to hide behind the anonymity of a fake screen name.

As I suspected no one called to discuss there views regarding "pit bulls", this came as no surprise despite the fact that November17 seemed so adamant about calling in. I guess fear got the best of him who knows, I do know by reading his other blogs he has posted that something in the woods behind his house does frighten him at night. So perhaps the mere thought of calling me and engaging in a nice lively debate made his pants moist.

After the show I went back to this heinous blog and asked them nicely why they hadn't called in and that I was really looking forward to hearing there views, well I guess being called out on there own blog would make them look gutless so my comments were never posted. They did however post November17's comments.
november17 said...

Btw "Pit Bull Positive" I was laughing at your "internet video show" - I missed it sorry I logged on 5 hours late. you're a douche. You talk like a fag and you look like a methhead.

november17 said...

PS "Pit Bull Positive" it must suck to be a felon. Nice prison tattoos. Now I realize why you have so much time to run a lame-ass internet show...your ass doesn't have a job. Have fun "broadcasting from Marty's living room" and bowling next friday. dork