Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Tomorrow we will be heading out making the trek to Atlanta for Bullypalooza. Bruce got here yesterday morning and we enjoyed the nice weather and hung out with the dogs all day. He had to leave Stroker and Sissy behind for this adventure but had someone to help him feel at home sleeping with him on the couch, with my" loan a dog to visitors who sleep here" program lol. We plan on heading out about 10 am central time tomorrow morning which should put us at Marty's house somewhere around 1 am. Really looking forward to the trip and meeting a lot of people in person who are members of the site.

Friday night will be the Bowling for Bullies event organized by none other than the man, the myth, the legend Bully the Kid. This is the first ever bowling event organized EVER for bully and APBT lovers alike. For every strike a bag of dog food will be donated to a local rescue group and a portion og the proceeds will be donated to the young girls family who was recently attacked in Georgia. BTK has been working overtime on this one so big ups to my buddy BTK, can't wait to show them how us midwesterners like to bowl lol.

Follow that with Bullypalooza Saturday in Atlanta then back to Marty's house to film our show live from his living room. According to Craven they have dubbed this "The first annual Pit Bull Positive Babykillers get together/fundraiser lol. Those wacky kooks over there at that blog sure do have a grim outlook on things lol. On the show we will be discussing how the media should be held more accountable for there reported stories regarding APBT attacks. We are also hoping maybe someone from over there may call in and discuss there opinions on the breed but we won't hold our breath on that one.

Sunday we plan on attending an ADBA show near Atlanta, which I have never been to one of those either. So we should be able to take in alot this upcoming weekend. I will be hopefully doing some interviews and will be showing everyone what transpired over the weekend on next weeks show.

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